The Yoke of the Horde

The most suppressed novel since Tuesdays with Marvin!

Out and About

Rosco, a character in The Yoke of the Horde spends much of his time outside in the book. There is nothing wrong with being outside, especially if you are on your way to one of these appearances.

Upcoming Appearances

December 8 at 6pm Barnes and Noble, Boston, Downtown Crossing
I will be rummaging around the history section with no intention of buying any of the books. Instead I will listlessly read the titles on the spines, and feel bummed out that I don't have enough time to read all of the stuff I want to. I'll probably be there until ten when they close.

December 16 at 6pm Village Books, Roslindale, MA
I will be over by the cash register asking how sales of books published by Corchester, Button, and Finkle (idiots) are doing.

January 28 at 5:30pm Pazzos Used Books, Roslindale, MA
Oh wait...