The Yoke of the Horde

The most suppressed novel since Tuesdays with Marvin!

Can Redemption

Most soda and beer bottles (as well as cans) can be returned for a five cent deposit in Massachusetts, where Yoke of the Horde takes place.

What is Yoke of the Horde about?

Rosco Rochlitz returns from an unexpected trip to Mongolia convinced that he is a spiritual descendant of Genghis Kahn.  His wife and her new lover, however, are neither impressed nor intimidated.  Kicked out and homeless, Rosco desperately seeks to reunite with his wife, but when a massive snowstorm cripples the city, striking similarities between a Boston-area weather station and its Mongolian counterpart lead Rosco to believe that he may really be the next Genghis Kahn.

Critical Praise for The Yoke of the Horde

"I haven't gotten around to reading it."
David Prior's wife

"Exemplary. A towering tower of a book, many, many, stories high and casting its terrific shadow across the landscape of American literature in much the same way as a big cumulous cloud would."
John Updike

"Gripping, with knuckles turning white and blistering hands."
Minnie Picolo The Fort Wayne Picayune Daily

"Truly exemplary."
John Updike

"...much like Proust, except without the whining and crying for mommy all the time, and no beautifully detailed descriptions of inner feeling. No there's none of that either. Although there is a lively description of France towards the end, that's worth waiting for."
ESPN SportsCenter

"Deliciously exemplary."
John Updike